Iceland 3. Water / by Anna Garcia

I was trying to think of a fitting name for this post until I found the best one. Everything we visited this day, and everything we did was related to water. We visited a geyser, two waterfalls and a hot pool. So, I hope you liked this decision!

annadosenes-Travel diary-Golden South-1.jpg

This morning we completed the remaining part of the Golden Circle. We started by visiting Geysir, and with that, the first geyser I’ve seen in my life. The weather started to be colder this morning, and sometimes it was a bit complicated to stay outdoors for a long time.

Later on we went to Gullfoss. I’ve always seen a lot of images of this waterfall, and I don’t know why, I’ve always imagined this waterfall from a different point of view. We visited this waterfall in Winter, so I assume some viewpoints are closed during this season. While visiting this waterfall, we experienced one of the worst moments of cold during this trip. Our hands were completely frozen and we needed to stay for a while in a warm space and then, continue the journey.

After visiting Gullfoss we realized that we had visited all the landmarks of the Golden Circle that interested us. So, we decided to change our plans a little, move to the south coast of Iceland and explored this beautiful area. Visiting the south of Iceland was one of the major reasons we wanted to visit this country. It was our first time in Iceland and we wanted, of course, to visit the Golden Circle area. But, I felt that from the moment we moved south, is where our journey really started.

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First of all we visited the well-known Seljalandsfoss waterfall. We didn’t walk behind the waterfall, because it was really cold and we didn’t want to catch a cold. But instead of that, we enjoyed the views from the front of the waterfall. The combination of the afternoon sun and the drizzle of the moment created tiny rainbows on the little waterfall that is next to Seljalandsfoss, and it was really beautiful to see that contrast.

annadosenes-Travel diary-Water-11

Although it was getting dark and it was snowing quite a bit, we decided to do an express visit to Seljavallalaug. During the walk, the snow stopped, so we could enjoy the views. The top of the mountains were covered with snow, and it was really interesting and sharpened the contrast between the white and green colors. Once we arrived, the temperature of the water was not too hot. Instead of having a swim, we enjoyed the views as it was getting darker every minute.

annadosenes-Travel diary-Water-16
annadosenes-Travel diary-Water-21

After that, we said goodbye to an another extraordinary day in Iceland. We went to sleep because we wanted to wake up really early. Due to the weather conditions, our original plan was forced to be changed. So, keep reading if you want to know where we went on the next day. I promise it will not disappoint you!