Iceland 6. White and Colorful / by Anna Garcia

On our sixth day in Iceland, we woke up with the street (and our car) covered with tons of snow. We spent quite a time trying to clean the car and once we finished, we drove south again to complete the part of the surroundings of Vik that we missed up.


As you can see, this day my obsession with horses, houses and farms continued. We drove direction Vík but we stopped a while in a snowy field to say goodbye to our beloved Icelandic horses.



It snowed quite a lot during this morning, but in a moment, the weather seemed to calm a little bit. We take this opportunity and we started to walk on the snow direction the Wrecked Plane DC-3. After walking an hour more or less through a lot of snow, we realized that it was actually sunny. I think that this was the only moment in the whole trip that we stayed more than an hour without it was raining or snowing.



It was quite interesting to visit the plane in the middle of the snow. All we could see was white, and the plane seemed pretty camouflaged on the surrounding.


After spending an hour more or less taking photos of the plane, we decided to say goodbye to the south coast of Iceland. It was time to return to Reykjavík, but on the way, we decided to visit Eyrarbakki, a little and colorful seaside village located in Suðurland.

It was too cold when we arrived, that we drove around the streets of this village. After a while driving and walking a little bit by the area, we jumped again to the car and continued our journey to the main city. The weather forecast announced a big snow storm on the next day, so we decided to arrive in Reykjavík before dusk, just to be preventive. Guess what we did when we were at the city? Chase the Northern Lights!

annadosenes-Travel Diary_White_14.jpg