Iceland 5. Walking on a glacier / by Anna Garcia

We woke up on our fifth morning in Iceland at -8ºC! We booked a glacier walk at Sólheimajökull, so we were a little bit worried about the conditions. Surprisingly, once we arrived there it was not so cold, and we could even fly @tropicalbert’s drone! 

We started to hike the glacier and I have to say that I know that this excursion was not a difficult one, I thought walking with crampons would be more complicated, but it was not! The previous night the snow started to fall again over the country. The glacier had a tiny snow cover so our guide headed us to an ice cave, so we could experience the famous blue color of these ice formations from up close.

annadosenes-Travel Diary-Glacier-5.jpg
annadosenes-Travel Diary-Glacier-6.jpg

Although the morning started pretty sunny, and even during a moment it was actually warm, the clouds were darker every time and finally, it started to snow again. We left the glacier during a snowstorm, so we were very lucky to see it without bad weather. We spent almost 3 hours on the glacier, so it was time to say goodbye to this ice formation and continue our journey through the south coast.

We saw a beautiful house near a secondary road, so we decided to drove through this new path and discover new places. After a while, we realized we arrived at the world-famous Reynisfjara: the black sand beach.

After a moment, a few buses arrived and the beach started to be a little crowded. After that, we decided to move on and we went to our next destination: Vik and its surroundings.

annadosenes-Travel Diary-Glacier-11

I think that this was that moment of our trip when I realized I was obsessed with Icelandic horses. Believe me, if I say that you can’t imagine how many pictures of horses I took during those days. But I couldn’t stop doing that! They are so perfect and seemed to be posing for a photo all the time… that it was impossible not to immortalize them!. I needed to stop to take a picture of almost every horse I saw, so @tropicalbert, if you are reading that, thank you so much for being so patient with me and caring about the fact that I loved those animals.

Returning home, we decided to stop at Skógafoss. It was the waterfall I wanted to see the most, and it didn’t disappoint me at all. At the time we visited it, there was almost no one, so we could say that half of the waterfall was entirely for us!

annadosenes-Travel Diary-Glacier-17

Another thing that you should know about this trip, is that I also became obsessed with houses and farms. Although I didn’t upload as many images of this kind, I needed to stop whenever we saw a house to take a picture (or maybe more than just one). I didn't care about the cold or the snow when it came to immortalizing a moment. This obsession with houses and horses continued in the next days, so stay tuned!

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